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Our Story

MENA is a potential center of gravity. It is an undiscovered world of capabilities and capacities. Moreover, MENA’s importance has been historically significant as it links between Asia, Africa and Europe. It also contains large reserves of natural resources. In addition, it is a home for a massive population of talented young entrepreneurs.



Considerable evidence tells that a high volume of entrepreneurs, at certain stages of their venturing, live a dramatic bottleneck that may make their journey toward success quite challenging. Most of the time, such entrepreneurs are aware of this bottleneck. In other words, they know the “WHAT” and even the “WHY”, but the “HOW”, “WHERE”, “WHEN”, and “WHOM” are unknown, missing or in a best-case scenario, vague to them.

EVC3 is a business enabling gateway with a framed DNA translated in its three C’s: crystallize entrepreneurs, cultivate startups and capacitate SMEs. EVC3 role is to provide guidance in answering these questions in a professional manner throughout rigorous consultancy with practical execution platforms.


Consequently, our Vision is to be the 1st option for innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystems in MENA, in offering the right assistance, support and help to make entrepreneurs, startups and emerging SMEs pass the bottleneck stage toward moving forward in the world of venturing.

Jamal A. Al Akkad came up with the EVC3 idea based on his personal robust experience as a serial entrepreneur, founder of several well-known initiatives in innovation and entrepreneurship development in Saudi Arabia, and as a subject matter expert in the socio- economic development in emerging economies. EVC3 is lead and managed by professional multinational young team. They are highly-level guided by a gray-hair color business professionals through the EVC3 Advisory Board.


Why Dubai? Dubai is an entrepreneurship-friendly city equipped with a world class infrastructure. In addition to the abundance of business opportunities, Dubai is becoming a growing knowledge hub. The technical support is fantastic in regards to efficiency and effectiveness. Last, but not least, Dubai is safe and secure for everyone!

EVC3 plans to have several global offices in the near future. Meanwhile, due to the countless opportunities in serving MENA entrepreneurs, EVC3 plans to operate in Cairo, Amman, and Jeddah

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